Ride leaders

Our club is fortunate to have a lot of experienced and dedicated leaders, which allows our club to offer groups for all ride paces… well almost all.

Recently there have been several requests for an AQUA GROUP – a group between the pace of blue and green group. If you are one of those who would like to see a group formed at this pace, consider being a ride leader … or part of a ride leader team. You don’t need to do it alone. And the club leaders have a library of routes to take.

Meet a few of our ride leaders:

Below is a partial list of our current ride leaders. Many not listed here serve as “sweepers” for the groups, helping keep the group together and watching for any mechanical problems or as substitute ride leaders.

Black group

Dave Mayer ARDave Mayer – Dave is a member of the red group and enjoys riding solo and in a group setting. He also enjoys some competition in amateur races around the state. Last year, Dave and his wife welcomed a new member to their family. Dave is already teaching him how to ride (at least behind) a bike.

Aaron Ruff – Aaron has been an active club member for several years.  He is also involved with the Marathon County Bike and Ped committee. If you have any input with regard to the bike trails / routes in the Wausau area, share your ideas with Aaron.


John DLJohn Pophal – John is a long-time club member, ride leader and school teacher. John loves to travel (and biking at those destinations as well). He is also an avid skiier.

Dave Loomans – Dave is also a long-time club member and ride leader, and served as club president for many years. During the winter months, Dave enjoys traveling to Arizona, where he can get some additional bike miles in, while many of us are shoveling.


BeauBeau Perry – When Beau’s weekly schedule made it difficult for him to make any Tuesday rides, Beau made the best of it and offered to create and lead our one Wednesday night group. Although the group started just last year, it is already growing to have a regular following, many of whom ride Tuesday nights with either the red or yellow group.

When Beau is not biking, you just may find him on the golf course.


PeteGregStevePete Holdridge – Pete has been a club member for several years, and has served as a ride leader for several of those years. Pete spends his winter months as a Ski Patroller.

Greg Falk – Greg has been a member of the Wausau Wheelers since before some of our current members were born. He is an avid cyclist and cycling advocate, a commuter and can change out a bad bike tube faster some people change shoes. Greg has been an asset to the club, server as a board member, ride leader and mentor to many.

Steve Prell – Long-time member and former club treasurer Steve Prell also helps lead the yellow group.


Dennis HelkeFredScott & Barb Dennis Helke – Many of you know Denny as the club president. He is also an active Kiwanis member and an avid photographer, shooting landscapes, travel photos and even weddings and other events.

Fred & Carol Pasnecker – If you don’t know them personally, you may recognize Fred and Carol as the green group couple on the tandem bike. They participate in tandem events throughout the state with a group called “COWS” (Couples On Wheels). Both are active board members and Carol is the organizer for the club’s special events. Fred is an avid skier, and they also like to travel west now and then to visit the grandchildren.

Scott Wipfli – Scott and his wife Barb have been members of the Wheelers for many years. Scott previously lead the “middle group” when the Wheelers had only three rides groups. Scott and Barb also take the lead on many weekend “destination” rides, such as a pie ride to the Crystal Cafe in Iola or Rusty’s Backwater Saloon in Stevens Point.

Jim Stolen(no photo) Jim is also a loyal Green Group member and takes the lead … or follow up … on group rides.


Jim & Ellen Albrecht – When the club was on the verge of losing its Blue Group this year, Jim and Ellen took the lead and have built the group back up to a vital part of the club. Since they are retired and love to camp, they aren’t able to be here each week, but they have organized a loyal team of volunteers to keep this group rolling!

YOU – Yes! You can also help lead a ride. Consider being a substitute ride leader for your group … or as part of the leadership team.