Ride maps

This is a database of bike routes in the greater Wausau/Marathon County area generated by area cyclists.

Tip: use the dropdown arrows at the top of each column to sort the table. For example, you can click the dropdown arrow on the distance column to show rides that are less than 40 miles long.

If a color is noted in the “Group Ride” column, that signifies that the route has been used by that color group ride in the past.

If you have a route you would like to submit to the database, please create the route here: ridewithgps.com/routes/new

After creating the route on Ride With GPS, please email the link to routes@wausauwheelers.org and it will be reviewed and added to the database. Please provide a route name as well. Alternatively, if the route exists on some other mapping website, you can email the .gpx file instead of the route link.

wausau mapWausau area bike and pedestrian map
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Please note: The Wausau Wheelers Bicycle Club is not responsible for the accuracy or safety of these routes. Please obey all traffic regulations and always wear a helmet.