Frequently Asked Questions

For the Tuesday evening group rides, please use the map below to locate your group.

The Thursday morning gray group will now be meeting at Becca's Cafe -
4002 Schofield Ave., Weston, WI, United States, Wisconsin

For Monday and Thursday evenings, please check Facebook, as meeting locations may change.

The choice is yours. Typically, rider use road bikes on Wausau Wheelers rides. Their lighter frames and narrow wheels will allow you to ride at a greater speed.

Mountain bikes are heavier, and their wider tires create greater rolling resistance.  This means a mountain bike requires more energy to ride and will be slower. Please adjust your group choice accordingly.

That said, a mountain bike is far better at navigating potholes than a road bike!

Yes, eBikes are allowed on group rides. Please follow the pace set by the ride leader. All other rules apply as well.

A bike helmet is a MUST have for group rides. Adequate water is also essential. Headlights, taillights, and a spare tube for your tires are highly recommended.

Please note that if you have aero bars on your bike, PLEASE DO NOT USE THEM during the Wheelers ride.

You are welcome to come join us as a guest for your first ride. After that, you will be required to join to continue riding.  You can register online.

Members, please remember to wear your membership sticker on your helmet.


However, please note that the faster pace groups (black/red/orange and often yellow) do ride paceline style. For the safety of the group, you will need to be comfortable with riding quite close together at a reliably steady pace.

If you decide to move to another group, please check in with the ride leader before the ride to introduce yourself and learn a little more about the group.