Group Riding Tips for Safety and Etiquette

Whether you ride with the Wausau Wheelers for speed, sport or a social outing, keeping safety first will help ensure an enjoyable experience for the group. 

In this blog post, we will share crucial tips and guidelines that promote communication, maintain predictable pacing, and ensure proper positioning during group road bike rides.

1. Communication is Key:

Clear communication is vital to keep the group connected and safe. Utilize hand signals to alert riders behind you of stops, turns, road obstacles, and other important information. By using standardized hand signals, you can ensure that everyone is on the same page and can anticipate upcoming changes.

2. Maintain a Predictable Pace:

To prevent accidents and maintain a cohesive group, it’s important to keep a predictable pace. Avoid sudden stops or turns that may catch others off guard. When a vehicle is passing, maintain your pace instead of slowing down. This helps prevent hazards for riders behind you, reducing the need for sudden maneuvers and ensuring a smoother flow of traffic.

If you find yourself in a lead position while riding downhill, don’t coast. Continue pedaling to maintain speed. This helps create a safer coasting zone for riders behind you … and it may make the upcoming hill a little more manageable.

3. Watch Your Position:

Maintaining proper positioning within the group is crucial for everyone’s safety.

Never allow your front wheel to overlap with the rear wheel of the bike ahead of you, as this can lead to dangerous collisions if sudden movements occur. Additionally, it is generally advised not to pass cyclists ahead of you. Instead, establish a rotation system where the front cyclist periodically pulls off to the left of the group, dropping to the back, and allowing the next person to lead. When you find yourself in the leading position, maintain your pace without the need to speed up.

In rare situations when passing is necessary, always pass on the left side and verbally announce your intention by saying, “On your left,” to the rider ahead of you. This ensures everyone is aware of your presence and helps avoid unexpected or risky maneuvers.


Following these essential tips for group rides will not only make the ride safer but also more fun for the whole group. Happy riding!

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